The Navmii SDK provides flexible building blocks making it easy to integrate navigation and location into any mobile application. It provides a comprehensive set of programming interfaces, making it easy for developers to harness the power of Navmii.

Let Navmii do all of the mapping and navigation heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on building your app.


  1. Navmii Navigation Engine – State of the Art, HD Navigation system, advanced graphics, real-time data, traffic avoidance & community powered features. The engine can work on-board or hybrid (on-board/off-board) mode. The Navmii engine is designed to work with data from OSM and professional map sources.
  2. Navmii Vision Engine – Navmii’s CV engine allows cars to see the world around them. It is trained to recognize traffic signs, lane information, traffic and even accidents.
  3. Navmii Driver Analysis – An advanced driver telematics solution that analyses sensor data to understand driving behavior and make recommendations to make driving safer.


Navmii operates 3 types of license models:

  1. Per Device, Per Annum – Simple license model based on number of users
  2. Per Transaction Model – Based on the number of transaction requests, this is aimed at online solutions.
  3. Unlimited Annum Licenses – A license can be granted based on a territory per annum, giving a cost-effective option for companies with large numbers of users.


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