Navmii has a long history of connected solutions and has built apps that have great real-time features that drive user engagement. Navmii works with OEMs and leading automotive suppliers to bring these technologies into vehicles.


  1. Navmii Navigation Engine – State of the Art, HD Navigation system, advanced graphics, real-time data, traffic avoidance & community powered features. The engine can work on-board or in hybrid (on-board/off-board) mode. The Navmii engine is designed to work with data from OSM and professional map sources.
  2. Navmii Vision Engine – Navmii’s CV engine allows cars to see the world around them. It is trained to recognize traffic signs, lane information, traffic and even accidents.
  3. Navmii Driver Analysis – An advanced driver telematics solution that analyses sensor data to understand driving behavior and make recommendations to make driving safer.


Navmii operates 3 types of license models:

  1. Per Device, Per Annum – Simple license model based on number of users.
  2. Per Transaction Model – Based on the number of transaction requests, this is aimed at online solutions.
  3. Unlimited Annum Licenses – A license can be granted based on a territory per annum, giving a cost-effective option for companies with large numbers of users.


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