Getting started with Navmii World

Getting started with Navmii World

Here’s a quick run down of how to get started with Navmii World whether you’re an existing Navmii user or a new one.

First of all, we do encourage all existing iOS/ iPhone users of Navmii to download Navmii World because it is the latest and most enhanced version of Navmii. We want everyone to have the best experience possible.

Lets get you started

1. Get Navmii World

Like all apps, please step through set up by giving the relevant permissions to get the best out of your app.

2. Open Navmii World

Navmii World Start Screen

Open Navmii World on your phone and you’ll see the start screen above. Time to help yourself to free maps…

3. Download free the maps you need

Next you’ll see a screen similar to this one. Wherever you are in the world, you should see the country map for the country you are in. You can now:

  1. Install any free country map
  2. Select the relevant regional bundle (in this case, Western Europe) below to download multiple country maps. The following regional bundle maps are available:
    • Western Europe
    • Eastern Europe (including Russia)
    • USA & Canada
    • Latin America & the Caribbean
    • Africa
    • Asia Pacific
  3. Use the search (top right) to search for any country you want to download

Navmii World Download free maps


Remember: if you want to download a regional bundle, search for a country in that region and then you will have the option to download an individual country or the regional bundle. For example: for ‘Africa’ you could search for ‘Algeria’ and you’ll have the option to download that country map or maps for the whole of the African continent.

4. Add-on the free upgrade features you want

Use the Navmii Store to download popular premium features and extras like Voice Guidance, POIs (Points of interest), HUD (Heads-up Display).

The choice is yours and its all free!

Navmii World Premium Features


5. Set your Preferences

Take a look at the Main Menu, select Preferences.

Here you’ll find settings for lots of things including:

  • Sounds
    • Alerts
    • Voices
  • Distance units (miles / km)
  • Speed units (miles / km)
  • Routing options
  • Safety cameras

Navmii World Preferences Sounds


Make sure you’ve got the right languages, distances, voices and other customisations that you prefer set up.

You’re pretty much good to go. Just one last thing…

6. Login / Sign Up

First question is why? You can use Navmii without doing this but you do unlock some extra useful features if you create a Navmii Profile.

  1. Set your Navatar
  2. Keep track of your trips
  3. Driver scoring – see how well you drive
Remember – all of your user profile data is entirely private to you. No one else can see it and neither can we!


Not much left to say except, enjoy your travels and if you’re up for it, send us pictures by following us on Instagram and tagging them with #NavmiiWorld 



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