Navmii World: Totally free global navigation

Navmii World: Totally free global navigation

Ladies and gentlemen, we have big news!

Introducing Navmii World, our latest release for iOS/ iPhone. Navmii World is one app that gives free offline navigation covering every country in the world. 

To bring our iOS offering into line with Android, we’re moving away from having lots of apps (one for each country).

Travel Freely

But we’ve gone one better than just that. Navmii World is the first entirely free offline navigation app covering the whole globe!

  • 197 country maps available to download for free
  • All premium features are now available as add-ons for free
  • The app is ad-free


The World in your Pocket

We’ve added 100 new maps to boost our map coverage to cover the entire world. Our extensive offline map offering now covers 197 countries – all 197 independent states recognised by the United Nations.

Offline maps are available for all individual countries or as handy regional map bundles, for seamless multi-country, cross-border navigation.

Download maps your way:

  • Individual countries ✅
  • Regional map bundles ✅


Navmii Regional Map Bundle



Navmii World provides global travellers with reliable, offline maps and navigation coverage for anywhere they might want to go…

Free Features

No other navigation app beats Navmii World for helping people to travel the world and explore.


For Navmii Media/ partnership enquiries please email Zoe  on


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