Safe driving using Navmii driver scores

Safe driving using Navmii driver scores

Keep track of how safely you’re driving

Navmii driver scoring gives you a precise and accurate indication of how well you drive.

We all ‘think’ we drive well, but why not challenge yourself to prove it!

Navmii gives you independent and fully private feedback on your driving behaviours so that you know where you can improve.

Here’s an example of a Navmii score, out of 10:

Navmii Driver Score

(10 is exceptional and 0 means you are not a safe driver and probably should not be driving)

Navmii breaks down and gives you a score for key safe driving indices like speeding, mobile phone use and other key driving behaviours.

Navmii driver score breakdown

Use Navmii driving scores to measure your driving improvement over time. Navmii driver scores can help you do your bit to be a safer driver and improve the overall safety of roads for all users.
Why use driving scores

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