Navmii supports Road Safety Week

Navmii supports Road Safety Week

It’s road safety week in the UK this week and we’re supporting the safe driving Pledge campaign by the road safety charity, Brake.

The Pledge calls for drivers to do everything they can to protect themselves and the people around them.

By taking the pledge, you can agree to take 6 key actions that will help improve road safety. And best of all, Navmii can help you achieve some of them and keep you in touch with how you’re progressing in your bid to drive safely!

Navmii helps you to become a safer driver

Use Speeding Alerts

Kill your speed and not a person. Let Navmii keep an eye on your speed.

Switch on speeding alerts. If your speed creeps over the limit, Navmii will alert you. Navmii also shows you the speed limit in most areas. But stay vigilant yourself and keep an eye on road side signs and other speed limit indicators.

Navmii speed limits


Aim for zero phone use

Don’t be tempted to use your phone whilst driving.

We recommend mounting your phone using a windscreen mount or using a HUD accessoryThis will reduce your temptation to pick up voice calls or answer texts/ emails. Messages can wait. Nothing is more urgent than the need to drive safely!

Navmii navigation & Hudify HUD

Mount your smartphone in a holder/ cradle preferably out of reach

Then, at the end of each journey, check your driver score and make sure your Phone Use score stays at zero %.

Navmii encourages Zero phone use whilst driving


Navmii HUD for low visibility winter driving

Navmii HUD used with a HUD accessory like Hudify or any other, helps drivers focus on essential guided navigation instructions whilst driving in low visibility and poor weather conditions. HUD accessories place Navmii navigation information directly into your sight line, projected right in front of you, so you never have to take your eyes off the road.


Update friends & Family using Share my Trip

One of the biggest causes of driver distraction is people calling them, and one of the most common reasons to do this, is to find out where they are.

When using Navmii, enter your destination for voice guided navigation instructions and before setting off, use Share my Trip. Share my Trip lets you to stay connected, safely! You can keep people updated on where you are and when you might arrive, without the need for phone calls or messaging.


With Share my Trip, you can share your ETA, your precise route and other useful journey information.

Simply select who you want to share your movements with, from your contacts and send them a link by email or text!

With Share my Trip you can let Navmii do the talking for you, leaving you free to just, drive.

Get home using Navmii walking mode

Only you can make the decision not to drink and drive. Even one alcoholic drink is too much, so be safe and if you’re having an alcoholic drink or more, leave the car behind.
dont drink and drive sign

Use Navmii walking mode to guide you home, if you are feeling a bit tipsy. 🏠🚶🏿‍🚶🏻

Just enter your address or select home in your favourites. Make sure you’ve selected walking mode and let Navmii take you home.

Navmii Walking Mode

Navmii Walking Mode screen – route in purple, blue dot position indicator and voice guided directions


Track safe driving using Navmii driver scores

Navmii driver scoring gives you a precise and accurate indication of how well you drive. We all ‘think’ we drive well, but why not challenge yourself to prove it! Will give you independent and fully private feedback on your driving behaviours so that you know where you can improve.

Here’s an example of a Navmii score, out of 10:

Navmii Driver Score

(10 is exceptional and 0 means you are not a safe driver and probably should not be driving)

Navmii breaks down and gives you a score for key safe driving indices like speeding, mobile phone use and other key driving behaviours.

Navmii driver score breakdown

Use Navmii driving scores to measure your driving improvement over time. Navmii driver scores can help you do your bit to achieve road safety.
Why use driving scores


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