Get Hudify

Get Hudify

When you drive we want to help you drive safely. That’s why just over a year ago, we introduced Heads-Up Display (HUD) as a new feature.

But, where to put your phone? Sadly, sometimes it just isn’t possible to balance your phone on top of your dashboard in a moving car. And that’s where Hudify come in!

This good looking lightweight accessory pair with Navmii helps you view visual navigation safely whilst keeping your eyes firmly on road.

What is Hudify?

Hudify is an exciting all in one car accessory, previewing on Kickstarter now. It provides you with a non-slip stabilised smartphone cradle for your phone and a slick Heads-up display.

Navmii and GetHudify Heads-up Display Unit (HUD)












The Hudify visually amplifies Navmii’s HUD feature to make it high definition and position it in the driver’s line of sight.

See how it works…

HUDIFY | Navigation of the Future from Hudify Inc. on Vimeo.

How do I get Hudify?

You can get Hudify early-bird pricing, for a limited time only, by signing up at

Even better, by signing up, you are also giving yourself a chance to win your own Hudify unit for free by automatically being entered into a prize draw!


4 Reasons why HUD Increases Driver Safety

  1. Driver optimised essential information displayed only
  2. Next turn and distance warnings for low visibility conditions
  3. Stabilised ‘in line of sight’ screen mount so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road
  4. Hudify safe and secure smartphone mount – that once positioned reduces the temptation to use your phone


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