Navmii Support for Windows and Blackberry

Navmii Support for Windows and Blackberry

Today we are announcing that there are no further product updates planned for Navmii on the Windows or BlackBerry mobile platforms.

Navmii has come a long way since it’s early days, previously named NavFree. People’s use of mobile devices today looks very different from the way it did when we started in 2010.

The Apple App Store was in its infancy. Both BlackBerry and Nokia were still major mobile phone players and the Google Play Store didn’t even exist. Today’s most popular mobile operating systems (Google, Apple and Microsoft) which now account for 99.5 % of sales, made up less than 30% of the mobile devices sold at the time.

So now that we’ve looked back, it’s a good time to look forward. We want to focus our efforts on the best mobile platforms that the majority of smartphone owners now use and love. As a result, we have now ended our support for Navmii on the following platforms:

  • Windows Phone (Navmii – Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1)
  • BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 (Navfree)

While these mobile devices have been a very important part of the Navmii journey to date, they don’t now offer the kind of capabilities needed to continually drive Navmii’s features forwards in the future.

Versions of Navmii will continue to still be available for download and use by people on older mobile handsets, but we no longer support these mobile platforms.

This was a very tough decision for us to make, but it is the right one to ensure that we give most people continuously better smart navigation and connected driving features across the most popular mobile platforms.


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