Navmii navigation for Apple’s CarPlay & Android Auto

Navmii navigation for Apple’s CarPlay & Android Auto

We’ve been having a growing number of enquiries about whether Navmii is available on an compatible with Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto, so we thought we’d share an update.

At this moment the situation is this: only ‘selected’ developers can publish their apps on Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto platforms currently.

CarPlay & Android Auto are closed platforms

We have spoken with Apple on this point, but to date both Apple and Google are forcing users to use their default platform navigation apps (Apple Maps or Google Maps) rather than allowing mobile users the choice of using their preferred navigation apps. As a result, Navmii and all other navigation developers have not been allowed to develop apps for CarPlay and Android Auto.

Why this matters…

In addition to a lack of choice, there are several downsides for user that include the need for a reliable internet connection to be able to navigate and missing advanced features such as driver safety warnings, speed camera alerts, HUD mode, TripAdvisor and other rich POI information and the ability to use smart 3 word addresses for search via what3words and much more.

Today, we regret that we are unable to fulfill our commitment to user choice and freedom, by ensuring Navmii is available across all popular major mobile platforms, because of Google and Apple’s closed development environments.

What you can do

Please support us by contacting Apple and Google directly to request that they open up their platforms to Navmii and more apps developers. By doing this, you’ll be actively supporting the quest for freedom of choice when it comes to using your favourite apps as part of your in-car experience.

You can Contact Apple using their feedback form or send feedback to Google using the Android Auto companion app.

Navmii In-Car

In the meantime, you can use Navmii with Pioneer App Radio and we’re working on other Navmii Auto solutions right now, so watch this space….

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to lobby for change. We hope both Google and Apple will reconsider soon and make their car platforms open to Navmii and all navigation app publishers.

CMO // @firestartr


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