Introducing Navmii’s Beta Program

Introducing Navmii’s Beta Program

We love shipping new products and updates.

We’re lucky to have the backing of a fantastic community of smart and savvy drivers. Today I’m thrilled to share we’ll be combining the two!

From day one, it has been our philosophy to build apps that help people discover, get to and experience new places. Our product is community based and so we thought, why not involve our community in helping to steer the direction of travel for Navmii product development?

The beta program will make it easy for us to take the best product ideas from MVP to launch, fuelled by the feedback and evangelism of a passionate tester community.


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For each product we’re eager to test out, we’ll connect with our beta community, a growing group of early adopters and experienced Navmii users who are keen to share their voice and get involved with our betas.

Lots of mobile companies release “beta” products to their communities. The tag ‘beta’ indicates a degree of incompleteness. Our beta testers will get sneak peaks of what’s coming next and to test drive the new stuff.

Real-life testing, by beta testers, will help us speed up releasing updates and every drive a beta tester does will really help to make the next drive better!

Get on the inside track and join our Beta ‘Test Drive’ Program!


CMO/ Customer Experience


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