Introducing Share My Trip:

Introducing Share My Trip:

Introducing Share my Trip, our new feature that enables you to share your trip progress with anybody in your contact list.

People wondering where you are? Do they call and text you while you’re driving? Share my Trip enables you to stay connected, safely!

Estimated Times of Arrival (ETA) features aren’t new, but we wanted to go the extra mile and give you a cool new way to update friends, family and colleagues so that they know you’re safely on your way.

Share My Trip by Navmii from Navmii on Vimeo.

With Share my Trip, you can share your ETA, your precise route and other useful journey information.

Simply select who you want to share your movements with, from your contacts and send them a link by email or text!


Share My Trip Is Easy


They can then follow your trip progress on their phone, tablet or PC. They don’t even need to have Navmii installed.

Trip Info and ETA

Picture the times you’ve been waiting for a friend to come over for dinner – with Share my Trip you can see exactly when they’re due to arrive so the days of burnt, cold food are over 🙂 There are thousands of reasons why you might need to let people know where you are.

Most importantly, the number of driver distractions is increasing and phone use is one of the top crash risk factors. We understand that while driving, one of the biggest temptations to use your phone whilst driving is to get in touch with people to let them know where you are. So now you can keep people updated, safely.

No More “Where Are You?”

Driving can be unpredictable, but you can keep the people that are important in your life, up to date at all times with our new Share My Trip feature. The days of being hounded with “where are you?” and unexpected lateness are over!  



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